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Making & Breaking the Rules

Hello! I’m Keyauna Chantel, I’m an entrepreneur whose mission includes supporting women, promoting healing and building community.

I began my entrepreneurial journey as an entertainment blogger. I wanted a place to express myself and share my many opinions. I created my blog, Chattertainment, to be a platform to chat about the topics that matter to me, from current events to entertainment news to products that impact and enhance my daily life and yours.
It ballooned into this amazing thing that included other writers, events, media coverage and some great opportunities. However, after years of success I felt so conflicted. I no longer want to “run a blog”. I wanted to get back to expressing myself and doing what I love…writing, sharing, empowering others and being me on my own terms.“
I shut down Chattertainment, stopped blogging about other people’s lives and got back to living my own. I prioritized being a wife and mother, but my love for content creation remained and the public interest in how I achieved success with my blog peaked. Those two facts took my entrepreneurial journey in many different directions. I began teaching others how to achieve the success I had with my blog and coached entrepreneurs through the launching and rebranding of their businesses.
I enjoy consulting others on how to achieve their dreams, but I never forgot the rest of mine.  My need to prioritize my own healing and the fear of starting something new again was intimidating but I trudged forward checking off entrepreneurial dreams one by one.
Thank goodness for my sistas (not blood but God sent) who helped me along the way with tips, suggestions, words of encouragement and moral support. With the support of my tribe, I obtained certifications relating to several lifestyle connected services and launched “The Lifestyle Hub”. Since I’ve decided to use my voice again, it’s only right that I pour into other women like my tribe has poured into me.
~Love, Keyauna

Areas of Expertise

  • Business & Lifestyle Consulting/Coaching

  • Legal Assistance Services

  • Notary/Notary Signing Services

  • Blogging/Freelance Writing

  • Web Design/Logos

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