I’m Keyauna Chantel

I used to be an entertainment blogger. I started my blog because I wanted a place to express myself and share my many opinions. It ballooned into this amazing successful thing. I had a team of bloggers, won awards and gained notoriety interviewing some of Black cultures most prominent figures, but after years of success I felt conflicted. I was tired of chasing stories. I no longer want to chase stories. I stopped blogging about other people’s lives and got back to living my own. I prioritized being a wife and mother, but my love for content creation remained.

Since then I've had moments where I felt super in control but I've honestly spent more time feeling completely overwhelmed. Thank goodness for my sistas (not blood but God sent) who helped me along the way with tips, suggestions, words of encouragement and moral support. So now that I've decided to use my voice again, it's only right that I pour into other women like my tribe has poured into me. My new endeavor is a love letter from me to women like me who need real empowerment, a big-sister push....a tribe.


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